"We all are, in fact, just like sedimentary rock, with layers heaped upon layers over time, with some bad things getting trapped in the rubble."


-- Henry's therapy session with Dr. Williams 

         from  No One Ran to the Altar                      

Ned had purchased this plot decades ago for himself and Vicki, undoubtedly causing quite a stir in Hades when he added Bunny’s ashes to the mix.  One man and two women. A kinky underworld threesome. How fitting.

      --from All the Lies We Live


"The ocean looked like a giant Tom Collins."

    --- from All the Lies We Live


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Henry sensed the journey was designed to both confuse and exhaust those already grieving, so when the price sheet came out, they would simply accept all terms, sort of like dealing with the back-room finance guys at your typical crooked car dealer. Except the car dealer guys have less class, no suits, no pocket squares. We are talking after all about death here.

-- Henry at the funeral parlor in No One Ran to the Altar

"I’m out here in the future. I don't know how I got here. Time just went. I'm not even sure I know where here is. Or where went went."

      --from All the Lies We Live                      

She was someone who preferred to burn her bridges before she got on them.   


     -- from Normal Family

"It’s okay, dear,” my mother had protectively withdrawn from the room. The moistened index finger of her right hand circled the brim of her crystal water glass, producing a hypnotic hum that matched the wistful look in her eyes.    

          --- from Normal Family                       

​Grandpa swerved up the lawn looking like Frankenstein in search of unsuspecting villagers.                                    

       -- from Normal Family