No One Ran to the Altar

Volume Two . . . 

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This funny first volume in the Normal Family trilogy takes place over four consecutive holidays in the 1960s among a dysfunctional family in decline.

"The book has tender moments surrounded by hilarity."

                  Record Courier (OH)    

“What if you could be young again, if only for a week? That is the provocative question explored in this touching novel by Don Trowden and Valerie McKee. Young Again is also a delightful love story, filled with insights about family, aging, religious faith, and the importance of music for human flourishing.”

—Michael Kinnamon, author of Summer of Love and Evil

New! Coming May 2022

What would you do with just one week of being young again?

This is the fun premise that sets Young Again in motion, combining music, magic, and romance in an uplifting fantasy novel. Mabel Johnson has recently turned ninety years old and lives alone near Clarksdale, Mississippi. She is nostalgic thinking back on her Grammy award-winning career as a blues and jazz performer. In frequent pain, she no longer can play the piano, and compounding matters, her granddaughter was recently killed in a tragic car accident.

Mabel’s great-granddaughter Priscilla comes to visit for the week and prays that Mabel can be young again. When her prayer is answered, the two ladies set off on a week of romantic and musical adventures entangling a handsome young doctor, a music-label mogul, a homeless person, and an aspiring singer down on her luck. How they extricate themselves from their many lies provides the comic tension in this uplifting novel.

Don Trowden is most recently the author of the well-reviewed Normal Family trilogy. This is his fifth book. Valerie McKee works in the NYC public schools and this is her first novel. The authors hope this fun novel provides some needed escapism for those suffering through the pandemic and living in our politically and racially divided times.

Pub Date: May 1, 2022

Publisher: Publerati

​​The second volume in the Normal Family trilogy explores father-and-son betrayals while using flashbacks and multiple points of view to reveal the humor and pain of family life. 

"This book is superbly written, and glows with warmth and intelligence."

                   Teresa Stepping, Author 

Available as Trade Paperback or ebook

The concluding volume of the trilogy features several courageous octogenarians pursuing their dreams, completing the cycle. ​

​"A superb conclusion to a captivating series, beautifully told and fast-paced, with ingredients that  keep readers turning from one fascinating page to the next."

              Readers' Favorite, Romuald Dzemo


A partial facsimile edition of an original daybook from  the various artists, musicians, and writers who summered on the Isles of Shoals artists' colony during the Victorian Era. The model and precursor to the famous MacDowell Colony. Artwork, musical notations, and poems from Childe Hassam, Edward MacDowell, Helen Keller, Celia Thaxter, and many more.

"Provides a fascinating look at an important time  period in American arts."     

             Allen Lacy, from The New York Times 

Normal Family

Volume One . . .

All the Lies We Live

Volume Three . . . 


Available as Trade Paperback or ebook

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